ADSL problem!

Just learn from the papers that MT ADSL users from PL are having connection problems. Apparenly the PL servers are suffering from breakdown and all connections are being rerouted to Rose Hill.

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  1. Econclubmu says:

    Internet service in Mauritius is appalling. It’s ridiculously priced and ridiculously slow for a country that advertises itself as a ‘cyberisland’ connected to SAFE fiber optic undersea cable. The prices are extortionate and the service is absurd. The average broadband speed in well connected countries is around 8mbs. In Singapore which we are always obsessing about you can get 100mbs for around $80 usd per month. On the other hand about two blocks away from where I am you can get free secure internet access at Central Park in New York. Other cities around the world and in the US are rolling out citywide free wireless networks.

    The telecom regulator is a joke in Mauritius I’ve been monitoring them for the past year and half they haven’t done anything to increase competition other than lower prices; they’re totally incompetent.

    Force MT to open up its lines which are national property: it has an essential facility: it’s phone lines are like the ports or the airport in Mauritius, no one can access the market w/o going through them unless u go nomad style – but that’s limited market and it is probably a different product market altogether.

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