Sc, hsc fees (contd)

That’s it. The fate of the 30,000 students sitting for the Sc-HSc exams has been finalised in the conseil des ministres on Friday. Indeed, the government has decided on the following measures:

1. The government will take in charge all the fees for students whose parents earn less than rs 7500 monthly; 2. Parents who earn in the range rs 7500- 10,000. will be paying half the fees. The other 50% of the fees will be paid by the govenment;

3. And for the other 22,000 students, the government will be subsidising only 25% of the fess.

According to government this subsidies will cost the state rs 140m to 150m, and the financing will be taken out of the budget of the MTPA.

In the meantime, some 5,000 à 6 000 persons have been at the marche de protestation, yesterday afternoon at Centre-de-Flacq, the electoral district of Minister Gokhool, organised by the Plate-forme nationale. Paul Bérenger, in his speech, said that the 25% subsidies is a forward step but nonetheless insufficient. He continued stating that Gokhool is not worth minister of education. There has been reported aggression against two students at the end of the march.

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