Choisir ou travay!

The MBC will be proposing as from tomorrow a new programme about vacancies in various companies, private as well as public. How will they go around remains to be seen? Will they be reading all the ads concerning job offers and broadcast them? The idea is good but i do think that they will transcript all what is on papers and just air them. I mean i do not think companies will be contacting the national station for they are not recruiting agents.
There is another program “chek sa deal” which is being aired by the national station. At the very outset, the MBC published a disclaimer that it is not responsible for defects or unsame products. Chek sa deal is a partnership mbc and l’express, and is managed by IMS ltd. Six products are offered each week, and the offers are broadcast on the air waves also for 30 minutes over a frequency of five days a week. I mean it is good that they are intending to promote this kind of virtual showroom but over a frequency of five times a week is quite aggressive. i ended up quitting the program as i got fed up.

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  1. vicks says:

    didn’t know about the vacancy stuff..

    maybe instead of some random mbc guy reading the vacancy, they may actually go at the company itself and an HR or someone else from the company might tell us more than simply whats written on the news papers..

    IF they simply read the ads.. lol (ki serti)
    The idea is nice as you said but will it work??

    There are lots of unemployed workforce in Mauritius and i believe having ads place on newspapers are cheaper.. Y would a company choose to pay a larger fee to place it on TV?? if by using only newspapers they get lines of applicants?

    coming to CHECK SA.. well its quite nice, and the deals are ok but as you said repeating the same stuff over and over is annoying!!

    MBC is trying to innovate but try to make some live broadcast where the general public can phone and interact or something like hardtalk 😛
    that i believe will be a major step up for them

  2. Yashvin says:

    bouuhhhhhhhhhhhhh for Check sa !
    its too [no words to describe!]

    prefer to watch In the Car of Hassen Rojoa, even if its only 10 mins!

  3. tilai says:

    I think it will just be slides of job ads being shown with some daft elevator music playing in the background.

  4. tapijo says:

    let’s see this evening how the innovation thing (if there is one) will go around..

  5. /dev/random says:

    Elevator music can be very cool 😛

    Why so many age restrictions? I hope I am not unemployed after 35! Do you really need to be under the age of 35 to be able to clean fish? I know many old people who clean fish very well and are over this age.

    On a serious note, we all live longer so we will have to work longer as there will be less money for pensions. Surely it is about time we got rid of job adverts which include these discriminatory restrictions. At least they were not looking for 16-18 year old attractive female fish cleaners, or maybe they were, I only watched a few minutes.

  6. tapijo says:

    Missed the first broadcast. Yeahh!! Y did they restrict age? Today textile factory looking for machinists, maximum 35 years of age..Is there some logic behind???

  7. iqbal says:

    Why the website for choisir ou is long and complicated????

  8. iqbal says:

    And yeah, people after 35years old dont eat???

  9. gaurav says:

    anyone out there knows the website for “Choisir ou travay”…i have been searching for it but no concrete result…if anyone has it plz post it…thanks in advance

  10. tapijo says:

    dear gaurav,

    Check out this site

    Though unrelated to choisir u travay, it does have databanks abt vacancies in Mtius.

  11. jean bernard says:

    This make four months that i looking for a job, i have make about 2 hundrends application and about 50 interviews nad even from choisir ou travay and i still waiting.i am very qualify can you pls tell what the problem is?

  12. tapijo says:

    @ jean bernard
    It is indeed very difficult to get a job nowadays. Is this your first job? I would advise not to be choosey for the first one. Get some experience first (even if this means lower salary) then you can shift. Good luck!

  13. Lyroy Baptiste says:

    I’m 19 and I live at Quatre-Bornes and I am searching for a job during the summer holidays.

  14. tapijo says:

    During these festive periods, many shops will certainly welcome additional hands. You can ask for some offers, in Orchard for example. Good luck!!!

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