4400 broadcast today!

4400 has been broadcast today on the local channel. It’s the story about 4400 men, kids and women who had disappeared ranging from a few months to 40 years, when a comet came close to planet earth. They reappeared all not knowing what happened to them, but each of them has unique ability after they have been abducted. Seems like x-files with agent Mulder and Scully investigating the matter.

In a different line, i would like to express my sympathy to a friend who has been recently in a turmoil. Hope he would recognise himself..g***t

3 Responses to “4400 broadcast today!”

  1. tilai says:

    I’m not in turmoil mate, just wary of the censors here 😛

  2. Yashvin says:

    i luved this 4400….
    the first episode at least….

  3. tapijo says:

    got hooked on this first episode too..let’a hope the next ones are ok

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