Beware of diarrhea and gastro!

Health authorities have issued warnings to boil water for at least 15 minutes before consumption, especially in the wake of the heavy rains these last few days and to remove stagnant water on roofs and in stalled areas, so as not to favour mosquitoes breeding. The danger is real as hospitals are having patients suffering from diarrhea and gastro enteritis. There is another infection which is claiming the attention of the authorities, that is of eyes infection. Prevention is better than cure. Today my boss did not come up to work because he is suffering from chronic diarrhea as a result of eating stuffs bought outside. So better eat at home. You know what you are cooking and eating. If you really want to eat outside, better wait for some weeks till things settle. I came to suffer from belly pains yesterday night around midnight. It came and went away. Every thirty minutes I must wake up and go to the bath rooms because i was expecting it was diarrhea, but nothing came out. My second thoughts came to be ‘coolic’. Then if it were so, no doctor would be available at this time. I suffered from martyr till one in the morning, after which i decided to auto medicate and took a pill. The next thing i remember is i woke up at seven at which time, all pains have disappeared and it was time to go to work..Cross fingers it does not happen to me today again. Because i was feeling sleepy this morning when i woke up.

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