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ADSL problem!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Just learn from the papers that MT ADSL users from PL are having connection problems. Apparenly the PL servers are suffering from breakdown and all connections are being rerouted to Rose Hill.

Sc, hsc fees (contd)

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

That’s it. The fate of the 30,000 students sitting for the Sc-HSc exams has been finalised in the conseil des ministres on Friday. Indeed, the government has decided on the following measures:

1. The government will take in charge all the fees for students whose parents earn less than rs 7500 monthly; 2. Parents who earn in the range rs 7500- 10,000. will be paying half the fees. The other 50% of the fees will be paid by the govenment;

3. And for the other 22,000 students, the government will be subsidising only 25% of the fess.

According to government this subsidies will cost the state rs 140m to 150m, and the financing will be taken out of the budget of the MTPA.

In the meantime, some 5,000 à 6 000 persons have been at the marche de protestation, yesterday afternoon at Centre-de-Flacq, the electoral district of Minister Gokhool, organised by the Plate-forme nationale. Paul Bérenger, in his speech, said that the 25% subsidies is a forward step but nonetheless insufficient. He continued stating that Gokhool is not worth minister of education. There has been reported aggression against two students at the end of the march.

Choisir ou travay!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

The MBC will be proposing as from tomorrow a new programme about vacancies in various companies, private as well as public. How will they go around remains to be seen? Will they be reading all the ads concerning job offers and broadcast them? The idea is good but i do think that they will transcript all what is on papers and just air them. I mean i do not think companies will be contacting the national station for they are not recruiting agents.
There is another program “chek sa deal” which is being aired by the national station. At the very outset, the MBC published a disclaimer that it is not responsible for defects or unsame products. Chek sa deal is a partnership mbc and l’express, and is managed by IMS ltd. Six products are offered each week, and the offers are broadcast on the air waves also for 30 minutes over a frequency of five days a week. I mean it is good that they are intending to promote this kind of virtual showroom but over a frequency of five times a week is quite aggressive. i ended up quitting the program as i got fed up.

“Thrilled to be here!”

Friday, March 16th, 2007

These are the words pronounced by archbishop Desmond tutu on his arrival to Mauritius yesterday on bord of MV Explorer yesterday.He was accompanied by his wife Leah. To journalists who came to welcome him, he stated that Mauritius is a fantastic country and that Mauritians are able to teach the world tolerance and peaceful cohabitation.
The peace Nobel price winner was welcomed amongst others by the bishop of Mauritius, Ian Ernest, and his wife Kamla, the Vénérable James and his wife Doreen, and also by the south African high commissioner, Ajay K. Bramdeo.

Mgr Tutu met the president of the republic and the prime minister after which he celebrated a mass at St-James cathedral at 18 h. Tomorrow morning, he will be meeting the members of the Anglican order and will be inaugurating the  Diocesan Church House at Port-Louis

Desmond tutu will be leaving the country tomorrow afternoon.

4400 broadcast today!

Friday, March 16th, 2007

4400 has been broadcast today on the local channel. It’s the story about 4400 men, kids and women who had disappeared ranging from a few months to 40 years, when a comet came close to planet earth. They reappeared all not knowing what happened to them, but each of them has unique ability after they have been abducted. Seems like x-files with agent Mulder and Scully investigating the matter.

In a different line, i would like to express my sympathy to a friend who has been recently in a turmoil. Hope he would recognise himself..g***t

Neverending story!

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

I came across a website which might be some interest to those who like to read stories. It is a site which allow readers to log in to contribute to a story which has already been started. At the end of the day, if the story is substantial enough, it might be published but do not expect royalites if the book happens to be a best seller.

SC-HSC subsidies!

Friday, March 9th, 2007


A pacific manifestation was held today against the Gokhool reform of abolishing the subsidies on SC and HSC fees. The march started from bus station of Rose Hill to end at Plaza hall. There were amongst the marchers, students from various colleges around the island, concerned about the reform, and some politicians gathered around a theme “plateform nationale:ran nu 50 % subside”. According to le Mauricien, the meeting gathered some one thousand marchers and prostesters.

This is the second time a student manifestation is going to be held, while the government is still holding on to its reform. Earlier, during the flag raising ceremony at a private secondary school in Rose Hill, some students have silently left the college hall while the Minister of Education was pronouncing his speech on reforms and responsibilities of each stake holder.

Presentation postponed!

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Vista presentation which was supposed to be launched on the 7th March 2007 has been postponed because the roof of  Swami Veekenanda has been blown off by the powerful gusts of Gamede. Highly financed conference centre blown off by 140km per hour gusts!!!

Surprised and shocked!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Today morning on my way to work, I was surprised and shocked to learn and hear the death of Dr. Omar Uteem, son of former president Cassam Uteem. It was before one thirty in the morning after playing football with a couple of friends that the 39 year old cardiologist felt uneasy. He was having respiratory problems and despite first aid from SAMU, Omar deceased in the ambulance on the way to hospital Jeetoo. The late cardiologist left a widow and two children below 12.  The funeral was held at five in the afternoon today. Deapest sympathy to his family and relatives!

Beware of diarrhea and gastro!

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Health authorities have issued warnings to boil water for at least 15 minutes before consumption, especially in the wake of the heavy rains these last few days and to remove stagnant water on roofs and in stalled areas, so as not to favour mosquitoes breeding. The danger is real as hospitals are having patients suffering from diarrhea and gastro enteritis. There is another infection which is claiming the attention of the authorities, that is of eyes infection. Prevention is better than cure. Today my boss did not come up to work because he is suffering from chronic diarrhea as a result of eating stuffs bought outside. So better eat at home. You know what you are cooking and eating. If you really want to eat outside, better wait for some weeks till things settle. I came to suffer from belly pains yesterday night around midnight. It came and went away. Every thirty minutes I must wake up and go to the bath rooms because i was expecting it was diarrhea, but nothing came out. My second thoughts came to be ‘coolic’. Then if it were so, no doctor would be available at this time. I suffered from martyr till one in the morning, after which i decided to auto medicate and took a pill. The next thing i remember is i woke up at seven at which time, all pains have disappeared and it was time to go to work..Cross fingers it does not happen to me today again. Because i was feeling sleepy this morning when i woke up.