Resignation of Sithanen.

The talk of the week is certainly the resignation of the vice prime minister and minister of finance. Minister Sithanen sent his letter to the acting prime minister, while the PM is abroad. His decision follows the appointment of Mr Bheenick as governor of the central bank. While he openly expressed his feelings to the PM against the decision to appoint Mr Bheenick, the PM has nonetherless decided to go forward in his decision. “La goutte d’eau qui fait deborder le vase” dit-on dans la presse.

Opinions diverge on the the decision of Sithanen. The media quote the JEC: “une catastrophe nationale” while the trade unions :”leve packet aller”. The stock market today morning suffers a slow down in the value of transactions traded.  Sithanen will meet the PM on his return from Paris next week, to discuss about his decision. In the meantime, it will be Vasant Bunwaree who will be acting minister of finance pending the appointment of a new minister of finance.

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