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Gamede a danger for Mauritius!

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

xxirmet5.GIFGamede is approaching Mauritius and a cyclone warning class 3 is actually in force in Mauritius. According to forecast Gamede will come closest to Mauritius at 400 kms to the nord of the island should it maintain its trajectory. The class 2 warning was issued in the morning thus allowing students a forced holiday. The actual warning was issued on 1700 hours and the Mauritius Meteorological Station as well as the population are on alert.

Pertubation tropicale!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

A cyclone warning class 1 is in force in Mauritius. After more than one month heat, we finally got some wind and rains. Hope that the depression does not approach too close to the island. From its distance and the speed of winds, it seems that the perturbation is quite strong. Yesterday all day long it has been raining. During the last 24 hours, catchment areas received more than 200 mm of rain. Hope that till the end of summer season, we won’t get water cut.

Vista presentation!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Microsoft will be launching a presentation of Windows vista on the 7th March 2007. Entrance is free but you have to phone to obtain an entrance ticket.


Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Revirement de situation concerning the resignation of Sithanen. Apparently the resignation is not a resignation. Christina posted a precise picture of the cinema played by our politicians.

Resignation of Sithanen.

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

The talk of the week is certainly the resignation of the vice prime minister and minister of finance. Minister Sithanen sent his letter to the acting prime minister, while the PM is abroad. His decision follows the appointment of Mr Bheenick as governor of the central bank. While he openly expressed his feelings to the PM against the decision to appoint Mr Bheenick, the PM has nonetherless decided to go forward in his decision. “La goutte d’eau qui fait deborder le vase” dit-on dans la presse.

Opinions diverge on the the decision of Sithanen. The media quote the JEC: “une catastrophe nationale” while the trade unions :”leve packet aller”. The stock market today morning suffers a slow down in the value of transactions traded.  Sithanen will meet the PM on his return from Paris next week, to discuss about his decision. In the meantime, it will be Vasant Bunwaree who will be acting minister of finance pending the appointment of a new minister of finance.

New ISP in dodo land!

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Just read the papers that MTML is about to launch its wireless internet service on Tuesday. So far nothing official has come out about its prices and subscription services. Let’s hope that it does not come out as “nomad”.

Time flies!

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

How time flies!! It seems like yesterday when everyone is sending his wishes on new year. Now i still can’t realise that chinese new year is next week. Reached mid february already!! One month already off! As usual, there will be the haphazard cracking of fireworks, and the greetings to elders, and food… Colleagues will be asking for gato la cire, pawncrackers, and gato cravate. I once chatted with a friend in Montreal about events organised for the chinese new year. It seems that it is only here in Mauritius and (eventually china and the rest) that this event is quite lively. I think that in western countries where mauritians have settled, residents could hardly make a say of their religious festivities and beliefs, let alone a private gathering. So is there a better place than home??

Carnet d’un voyageur!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Been quite a long time since i posted. Part of the reason lies in the fact that the pc which i inherited from my predecessor is very slow, (and no, there is no intention from the boss to buy a new pc nor to upgrade RAM). So since the boss is not around i seize the opp to jot down some words.

During my absence from the world of blogging, been on vacation. Greatly needed as i was bearing all the symptoms of burn out. Been to dubai and singapore. Did not enjoy the trip in dubai as we encountered food problems over there. The problem is that we did not know where to look for chinese food. In the vicinity of our hotel, there are mostly iranian restaurants, and kfc and mcdo. Tasted iranian food. We ate farata with chilly, tomato and lalo prinkles and cooked chicken. Not very tasty but we had to fill our stomach. The temperature was 15deg (which is cold for us tropical residents) in the morning, and during the day, it can rise up to 24deg. So it was quite comfortable as long as the rays set in. We did two days in dubai, and could not visit all the wonders. The dubai govt is actually building a metro and hopefully in two years time, can visit the whole of dubai. At each corner of the road, there are major works which reminds me of singapore. Dubai mainly taps its drinking water from desalinated water treatment plants.
There is a striking feature that strikes me in dubai. As early as five in the morning, the roads started to get congested. This is due to the fact that since dubai is a duty free land, the residents can afford to buy new cars.
As a concluding remark apart from my food misadventure, i was greatly depayser, and for the price i paid, i feel that the return was not worth. Enfin c’est la vie! No one is really satisfied in life.