Still not married at 30??

I would like to share something which i personally experience (hmm, perhaps some of you did during the course of your bachelorship) and i do not like that at all. When you reach 30 and still unmarried, you would be harassed (yes i will call it harassment)  by relatives that it is high time to get married and they would give you tons of reasons to do so. Girls would be harassed at an early age, and when they reach 30, and still bachelor, they would be called  “vieille fille” or worst that a lesbian. Same will apply for a boy but the naming will come at a later stage..

I personally experienced that during a meeting with a couple of friends. One of them happens to be married and brought the conversation on the table. He even proposed to find a girl (from China pls)  for me. I took it like a joke and replied to him to do so…
The hypocritical part comes when someone who you know closely gets married and started to urge you to do the same, when that same person earlier was in tears when relatives and friends perform arranged meetings. The vicious circle will go on. Typical mauritian mentality!!!

Now supposedly one passed the wedding race with flying colors.  The reception was wonderful and it was a huge success. Another lap awaits you. Kids!! Yes! If you are married and still kidless, you will be asked why. Even if your reasons are genuine, there will be gossips that the wife can not bear, or that the husband either is sterile or entertains another woman.

So much reasons for me to live in my own little world.

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  1. joseph says:

    Is it an issue for you? Personally! After all it is you the main concern? Suppose that you had found the best Dal pourri in town, surely you will be talking to your friends about it and even inviting them to taste these delicious wonders? .
    The married couples only want you to taste the bliss of married life! As with many things, life marriage comes with its lot of challenges & benefits.
    If the +s are higher than the -s then you have made it. The fun is working at it.It is in the process!
    Having been married for over34 years,I can tell you that it has been and still is a worthwhile adventure.
    Be it an arranged marriage, or an introduction by friends,or relatives or love found by some fortuitous encounter is just the beginning, entree en matiere. It is not the main issue.
    The crux is the decision of the spouses to make the vow and to stick to a common project ! It is very much like building a gigantic life long project together.
    Having tasted it,I also wish you, if you so desire, to find a life companion to share your life. Traveling along the life path is so much more pleasant in good company…. and keep on blogging…
    Not bad for a Sunday morning prose….said Watson.

  2. tapijo says:

    The issue is that of harassment. I thank them for wanting me to taste the bliss of married life, and to stay together is another issue. Melez vous de vos affaires, as the french say it…

  3. joseph says:

    If you feel harassed then it is harassment…In spite of the friends good intention or not! You still have a secret arm even stronger than “melez vous de vos oignons” it “is dilo lor songes…”Live you Karma serenely

  4. tapijo says:

    Hahaha! U resume perfectly my situ.

  5. tilai says:

    Haha! Well, I know what you mean. When I was still in Mauritius and going out at night, my dad would sometimes ask me if there was any girl I was going to take out, and when I said it’s just the usual friends (meaning no single girl that might interest me), he would look at me with sorrow and maybe even sigh. LOL!

    You should do like me. I made it perfectly clear to my parents many years ago that I didn’t want any of the relatives to spring any “fortuitous meeting” on my behalf, otherwise they could forget my presence at any of the family gatherings.

    It’s a bit of double standards really, as I didn’t mind my friends introducing single girls to me. But then, they do it in more casual, no pressure environment. 😛

    @Joseph, I hope I get to be happily married like you in the future.

    @tapijo Is the guy who wants to introduce you to a Chinese girl our common Zim friend who he himself got married to a Chinese girl?

  6. tapijo says:

    Himself… He made it clear he will not do same mistakes as our common momoy friend…hihihi

  7. Sumy says:

    Marriage…..I hate this word….I am 30 and all i hear is ,” Oh you are still not married?” My family, my friends, my relatives…they bug me 24/7…..I have had numerous fights with my parents….I have stopped socializing ……I dont answer so many phone calls from my friends….
    Let me tell you…I have seen almost a zillion guys…for some reason the thing does not work…sometimes its them and sometimes its me….
    I am really low at this point in my life….I have lost the hope that i will find someone i really love…I see this only as a compromise at this point…maybe if i am torchured and pushed the way i am right now, i will end up marrying someone…but then he will not be the one i love and adore….
    Has getting married become such a big problem…once you are 30 and above people look at you as if something is wrong with you cause you are not married….guys over 30 also prefer girls who are in their 20’s…..what they dont realize is that girls in their 20’s still prefer guys in their 20’s….when i was 27, i was still looking for guys in their late 20’s but never someone over 30…..
    To add this up, i still have a tiny winy hope that there is someone out there for me…..I hope i am right on this one :)….cause i dont want to be forced into getting married….Never….

  8. Anj says:

    Hi Tapijo,

    I think its a little late to reply bt i wud nonetheless like to add sumthing. Well if u go thru all zat imagine wat i go thru, female, 29, hindu and not married! i an constantly being told that i shud get married. It doesnt matter thati have a grt job have lived overseas since am 18 or so. I think i started hearing that after i finished uni! LOL but most of the tym i get told this not by my parents but by other family members. which sumtyms pisses me off and worst of all my sis who is younger than me is getting married, so everytym i meet people at family functions i am told and so is my mother that they shud look for a boy for me! haha hindus never refer to a grown up man as a man till he isn’t married!

    i cud go on and on but think its better to stop now. Cheers and enjoy ur day.

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