Week in review!

Friday the 5th January was the resumption day for work. My boss resumed work the 9th and this was the start of my nightmare. I could not sleep nor eat for 2 days. I was really stressed out. He makes me freak out…. Every 5 minutes he could call me and the meeting would last 1 hour, He would talk about tits and tats. When i said i had work to do, he replied he had not finished with me. He told me that should i not be free during the working time slots, i am free to work after working hours, like as if this is an obligation for me to do so.

Now i would take it zenly and calmly. Hey Stephane, you remember Sheila when she told you that you are too cool?? I think i will adopt your way henceforth. My health would seriously deteriorate should i take every word he said literally. No matter how good you are, he would always place some blame on you. i think i should be somewhat more aggressive. i am giving myself one month as from now and will be throwing thorns on him, should he fuzzed again.

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  1. Shaan says:

    You situation at work remind me of one film, ‘Office Space’ (1998) directed by Mike Judge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Space

    If you haven’t watched it, do so now… its a lot to do about a boss stressing employyes out (incl Peter, the protagonist)… and how employees take their recenge 🙂

  2. tapijo says:

    I’ll do that! Thank you!

  3. At first, I did not know that the comment was for me.
    Yeah, life’s short. Keep it cool. If you can’t, move along and get a new job. I have no time to get pissed every day.

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