Drought season!

Been one week since i posted something. Laziness or lack of inspiration? Then i would spy on some blog sites to see what i can write, and again nothing comes to mind. There were some interesting postings though, Eddy on his Mauritian theme, and the whole lot of comments therein, took away some of my time, tilai on his new year’s resolution, etc.

Since one week, the CWA is appealing to the public not to waste water and if the drought situation should prevail, drastic measures will be applied. I think that before putting the blame on the public, it better takes measures to replace all the leaked pipelines. The public organism acknowledges that a great part of the loss of water comes from its distribution system.. Laziness or lack of funds or mismanagement? I then remember a lecture given by my chemistry teacher on the drought situation and ways in which water can be recycled in order to be put to optimum use. He mentioned that our small island should not be facing drought if a proper water management system is put in place. Are his ideas far-fetched or science based fiction?? Not that idiot, considering the fact that each home should be equipped with a water treatment system. For instance, water from sewerage can be treated to be used in washing cars and watering garden, although some would bother about the smell on their cars 🙂 According to him, water can be recycled to be used two times before being treated and finally discharged.

Hey i just noticed this is my 100th post.. Champagne for everyone…

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  1. vicks says:

    was about to post on the topic myself but lol

    anyway you are right!!

    basically most of the water bills that we pay should be devoTed to maintainance of the pipes etc..

    there was a recent article on l’express saying that CWA loses about 200 million litres of water as “fuite”

    Our population is increasing and so is the demand for water.. but is there any increase in storage or new reservoirs being built??

    There are plenty of rivers in mauritius that practically never dry..

    the largest river in Mauritius for example.. GRSE.. why not build a dam there??

    managing the distribution of water for me doesn’t only mean calculate when to cut off water( 6 hours or 12 hours per day)..

    managers must foresee what risk there might be and take precautions and measures to counter act them..

    (si pas connE ou pas capave fer… leve packE allE )

    DAMS are a must.!!!

    maybe try to use some science in building new man-made reservoirs and try to make it such a way to limit evaporation 😛

    Politicians get in everything in Mauritius and i really doubt the abilities of every manager in the public sector!!!

  2. tilai says:

    Yeah, the water drought is something that always got me on my nerve when I was back home. At times the water would barely be running for a couple of hours in the morning and in the afternoon. Sux.

    A few years ago, when they were building the latest dam, they said that it would be the solution to the water shortages we were facing. After relocating families and spending millions to build that thing, nothing has really changed. 🙁

    It’s true that the distribution system needs to be reviewed and leaking pipes repaired. I think it’s more lack of funds and mismanagement (ie ‘kot mo bout’) than laziness. After all, these state (parastatal?) corporations are known to be loss making.

    Many plantations already use recycled water for irrigation purposes (allez, content gagne cout delo plantation kan p roule dan loto la :P). I don’t think your car will be smelling funny, as the treatment system wouuld include removing those foul stuffs (in theory).

  3. Yashvin says:

    dont worry, u will post soon….

    you have been tagged!

    dont worry, its a straight-forward one!

    have a nice time 🙂

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