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Black market for foreign currencies!

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Yesterday, i opened my mail to be surprised by the contents of my credit card statement. I made a purchase on the internet at the start of the month, and guess what! The rate at which the institution is charging me is 3% higher (nearly topping 70) than the official exchange rate. It seems that this practice is quite common especially in this season (where foreign currencies are scarce), and that despite a “rappel a l’ordre” from the governor of the bank of Mauritius at the end of last year. And what surprised me more is that nobody is protesting against this matter of fact.

I remember someone talking about the subject, but then i was completely uninterested about it. I knew there was a shortage of currencies, and perhaps the rate he was talking about is an official one. I was completely wrong. The rate is one operating in the black market. When you ask for foreign currencies in a commercial bank, the operator would tell you there is a shortage, and that you should place an order for such currencies, and would forward you some papers to fill in. Another official in another bank when asked when would the currencies be available, the reply was “it would depend on what price you are prepared to pay”. I mean, if you target to make quick money, then it is in foreign currency dealings that you should be in. The dealers are making lots of money on our heads and we are supporting them in silence. They make “la pluie et le beau temps”

Still not married at 30??

Friday, January 19th, 2007

I would like to share something which i personally experience (hmm, perhaps some of you did during the course of your bachelorship) and i do not like that at all. When you reach 30 and still unmarried, you would be harassed (yes i will call it harassment)  by relatives that it is high time to get married and they would give you tons of reasons to do so. Girls would be harassed at an early age, and when they reach 30, and still bachelor, they would be called  “vieille fille” or worst that a lesbian. Same will apply for a boy but the naming will come at a later stage..

I personally experienced that during a meeting with a couple of friends. One of them happens to be married and brought the conversation on the table. He even proposed to find a girl (from China pls)  for me. I took it like a joke and replied to him to do so…
The hypocritical part comes when someone who you know closely gets married and started to urge you to do the same, when that same person earlier was in tears when relatives and friends perform arranged meetings. The vicious circle will go on. Typical mauritian mentality!!!

Now supposedly one passed the wedding race with flying colors.  The reception was wonderful and it was a huge success. Another lap awaits you. Kids!! Yes! If you are married and still kidless, you will be asked why. Even if your reasons are genuine, there will be gossips that the wife can not bear, or that the husband either is sterile or entertains another woman.

So much reasons for me to live in my own little world.

Hit reality show!

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, a contestant on UK hit reality television show Celebrity Big Brother, finds herself at the centre of a storm over racism and bullying that has created an uproar amongst the Indian community worldwide. According to L’express, “after the tears she shed while being bullied on the the UK reality show “Big Brother”, it seems that the Bollywood siren may now be the one to have the last laugh”.

13,000 complaints have been made to media watchdog Ofcom, politicians are weighing into the debate, the police are investigating e-mail threats against contestants and the row has spread to India where the movie industry is up in arms. domain unavailable!

Friday, January 19th, 2007

This morning when i tried to blog, i was informed by the CCAC (code of council administrators or something like that), that the domain was unavailable. Perhaps this was due to some network or typing error. I retyped the address and surprise! Same thing. I connected to Eddy’s blog and it was then that I learnt that the domain has been deactivated by the registry… Eddy and Stephane are working hard to reactivate the domain and hopefully, will soon be re-operational.

Thanks Stephane!!

Week in review!

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Friday the 5th January was the resumption day for work. My boss resumed work the 9th and this was the start of my nightmare. I could not sleep nor eat for 2 days. I was really stressed out. He makes me freak out…. Every 5 minutes he could call me and the meeting would last 1 hour, He would talk about tits and tats. When i said i had work to do, he replied he had not finished with me. He told me that should i not be free during the working time slots, i am free to work after working hours, like as if this is an obligation for me to do so.

Now i would take it zenly and calmly. Hey Stephane, you remember Sheila when she told you that you are too cool?? I think i will adopt your way henceforth. My health would seriously deteriorate should i take every word he said literally. No matter how good you are, he would always place some blame on you. i think i should be somewhat more aggressive. i am giving myself one month as from now and will be throwing thorns on him, should he fuzzed again.

Drought season!

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Been one week since i posted something. Laziness or lack of inspiration? Then i would spy on some blog sites to see what i can write, and again nothing comes to mind. There were some interesting postings though, Eddy on his Mauritian theme, and the whole lot of comments therein, took away some of my time, tilai on his new year’s resolution, etc.

Since one week, the CWA is appealing to the public not to waste water and if the drought situation should prevail, drastic measures will be applied. I think that before putting the blame on the public, it better takes measures to replace all the leaked pipelines. The public organism acknowledges that a great part of the loss of water comes from its distribution system.. Laziness or lack of funds or mismanagement? I then remember a lecture given by my chemistry teacher on the drought situation and ways in which water can be recycled in order to be put to optimum use. He mentioned that our small island should not be facing drought if a proper water management system is put in place. Are his ideas far-fetched or science based fiction?? Not that idiot, considering the fact that each home should be equipped with a water treatment system. For instance, water from sewerage can be treated to be used in washing cars and watering garden, although some would bother about the smell on their cars 🙂 According to him, water can be recycled to be used two times before being treated and finally discharged.

Hey i just noticed this is my 100th post.. Champagne for everyone…