Meetings always!

My director is starting to “soul” me with his honey-like speech. I who usually don’t like to attend meetings, am going to ‘see’ him at least twice a week, informing him of any developments in my work. Formally i will be in charge of the accounting department. I complained to him that i can’t be doing two jobs at the same time. This was before before i took a week holiday.

The day I resumed work, he informed me that he thought about the issue and decided that he will be in charge of my former department and i will be posted full time in my new responsibility. But as I see it, it will not be long before he got bored. Once he decided that he would be posted together with the salesmen on the ground floor, helping out with all the day to day problems they were facing. Two weeks later, the chair he occupied was empty. The boss had returned to his cosy and air conditioned office.

But I decided that henceforth I will not be worrying about the ‘case’. It’s up to him to decide how to manage his company because when we took initiative, it is always badly taken…

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