Been to a friend wedding last Saturday. Most of the guests were foreigners, parents and relatives of the bride who is a Malaysian. So as you might have guessed, most of the speeches were either in mandarin or the malaysian dialects. The only Malay word i retained during the dinner is ‘Yamse’, which after enquiry happens to be ‘toast’ or “a la tienne” in french.

4 Responses to “Yamse!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    Was that our common friend’s wedding? I am so sad I missed it.

  2. tapijo says:

    Yeah!! i was the only in the batch of friends. Felt very lonely…

  3. Eddy Young says:

    I sent my congratulations to the new couple. They really make a lovely pair.

  4. tapijo says:

    Yeah! Perfect match!

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