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Choking with gas!!

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Domestic gas in 12 kgs bobonnes will be no longer be available for sale in service gas station. This is due to the low profit margin made by the latter. A meeting de la derniere chance is due to take place today between the protagonists. The outcome will finally determine whether we (as end users) are henceforth going to buy the bobonnes at wholesalers or phone the gas company and have the bottles delivered to our doors.

ADSL problem??

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Surfing on the net since the beginning of the afternoon seems longer than usual. I began downloading a 1.2MB file, and it took me more than 5 minutes, while it should be completed in less than 1 minute… Is there a problem with MT adsl?? Do not know. Will know more hopefully when the evening paper comes out.


Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Feeling very tired today!! Don’t know why!! Do not feel like working. So idled my time surfing and replying to mail. Checked the specifications on my.T. Apart from high debit surfing and the VOD, the channels available are not very attractive. Parabole or canal+ are much better for recent films.

The equipment which consists of set top box, a livebox, a wifi-dongle, a remote control, amd a smart card are worth rs 14,200 and are payable only if replaced in case of theft. Domestic internet speed can be up to a maximum of 2Mbps. For a monthly fee of rs 950+vat, international internet speed can reach 256kbps, while the data volume threshold for prioritized quality of service allowed up to 1gb. For an additional  rs 590, debit internet speed is up to 512kbps, while for rs 1990 more, one 1mbps speed can be reached.

There is also an installation fee of rs 2000+vat and is charged once off basis. No recording nor downloading of films is allowed….

Nomad experience!!

Monday, November 6th, 2006

My cousin subscribed to Nomad this weekend. However he adhered to a 64kbps baud rate, quite slow compared to the speed we have here at office. So we started downloading some files. Guess what after downloading a 23MB file, the modem started to gas off. “Network unavailable!” was the message after some time. I think that the slogan, surfing unlimited is quite flawed… They blocked your connection if you exceed your quota. So we have to resign being online off line for the day… So i joined the handful of Nomad off-goers club after experiencing what they personally had to undergo before going online…


Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Today, i visited the colleague who was hit by a coconut. I posted the account at the beginning of the week. After seeing a second specialist who diagnosed the same thing as the first one, my colleague and his wife went to a third advice. He was sent to hopital du nord, where the doctor in charge referred him to another specialist. This time, they went silent about the advice of the first two specialists, and just related to the doctor what had happened. The doctor sent for a scan and explained to my colleague about the possibility of using a pill to crush the stone. He was admitted at clinic Darne, where he is actually under some sort of medicine cocktail and observation. After two days, the doctor diagnosed his state as satisfactory and said that all what he needed is rest and nothing else. He should however underwent another scan in 3-4 weeks to see whether the stone has been diluted. In the meantime, the colleague complained of severe headaches, which the doctor mentioned it is completely normal because not all tissues are irrigated normally. So after thirty minutes in their company(his wife and him), i left them with the image of a man filled with pain. His eyes was different, like someone who did not sleep for two days. He was blemish.


Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Yesterday, I have been summoned by my boss. He has given me a piece of work week ago, and insisted that i take my time on this piece of work, which i indeed take. He called me yesterday to inquire why the job is taking so much time. I replied that i have not finished with it. He started to make a whole scene out of it that there are users of the information who are pressing him for the report.

While i reckon that i got bored with this piece of work, i nonetheless started to print the report on continuous paper on a dot matrix printer, which by the way, you all know is very noisy. I gave a sample for approval to the boss, who approved the printout. So the whole yesterday afternoon was monopolised by the rhythmical music of the printer. At the end of the day, it was a relief to hear the silence again. Today, i continued printing. The report totalled 184 on portrait view and 224 on landscape. Initially i printed on landscape and after printing 50 pages on this view, i decided to switch to portrait view. So i restarted the printing, hopefully today it would end… My tympans hurt…

Close down!

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Today when reading the papers, i was dazzled at the news. Desbro (the steel manufacturer) is going to cease industrial production of bars because of sustained reduction in profits. The ministry of commerce did not agree to the increase in bar prices. The production halted, and a meeting is being organised with the personnel for their eventual redeployment. This scenario ressembles a lot the revendications of bread manufacturers, where finally the govt acceded to the price rise.

The country seems to be undergoing recession. I do not know for other companies but the trend is that there seems to be drop down in commercial activities lately.