Incendie in St Pierre!

House on fire killing three kids in St. Pierre set the small village “en emoi”. After the father’s confession where he admitted having set the fire when his kids were asleep, a new statement came to free the father of blame. The father claimed that the confession was obtained after police tortured him, and showed to the court the marks on his back. The small girl who survived the fire and is in ICU revealed to her mother than the candle which was lighting the room fell on the bed sheet. The girl mistook a can of kerosene for water spread the fire which claimed the life of her brothers and sisters.

The incident rose much emotion as the quantity of families living in poverty  and the need to alleviate them. Shortly after the news about the precarious condition the family has been living in, radio echoed talk shows about the quality of of life of poor families.

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  1. tilai says:

    Yet another case of police brutality… Although it’s true that you won’t get any confession from the bad guys by being subservient. The dad should never have left kerosene in a place where kids could play with it. Sad.

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