Aux armes citoyens!

Price of bread, gaz, diary products are all on the rise following either strike or threats of closure by the protagonists. Now, desbro, a member of rogers group is following the pace, threatening the closing of its production department if the minister of trade does not agree to an increase in steel bar prices.

Are we so materialists that we are still bearing the ever higher increase in price index? When will the dragon be dormant?

2 Responses to “Aux armes citoyens!”

  1. tilai says:

    Didn’t you put something about Desbro before? Life’s hard these days. I think the Desbro thing is more a govt pressure thing, they won’t close it for good.

  2. tapijo says:

    just heard that desbro re-started production and pressed a communique that “Avec la décision du jour, Desbro réaffirme son engagement à jouer pleinement son rôle au service de l’économie”(quote)

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