Infotech 2006!


Infotech 2006 will be held from 16 to 19th November 2006 at Swami Veerananda conference hall at Pailles. Among the innovations presented will be Nabaztag, an interactive rabbit, which will be moving its ears, sending lights on incoming mails. Nabaztag is a peripheral for My.T, and will certainly arise curiosity at MT display section.
Cellplus in collaboration with Research In MOtion (RIM) will be presenting Blackberry on mobile phones.

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  1. Khalil A. says:

    Blackberry is finally coming in Mauritius. Well, it did take its time.

  2. tilai says:

    So they’re finally introducing Blackberry in Mauritius?

  3. tapijo says:

    They are presenting Blackberry. Now the introduction phase.. hmm that might take some time. Just read that Emtel too is in the show for Blackberry. May be next year…

  4. infotech 2007, ur expectations?…

    Since some years, Infotech Exhibitions has become part of our ‘culture’, if we can say it as such.

    Every year, thousand of mauritians make a must to visit THE infotech, which is supposed to be a window over our future cyber world, where we…

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