Today another colleague resigned from his work. In fact he was working as white collar, but suffered from mental problems lately. He was admitted to Brown Sequard Hospital and got discharged afterwards. He resumed work one week later, but his behaviour is such that he still had some set backs.

Last week, while he was reversing a single cab, he hit another single cab. He yelled “what is this cab doing here?” They are all company cars and all what he had to do is to look out for their positions. Today, he resigned. Do not know whether boss sacked him, probably so because he is very good at using reverse psychology.

There are more resignations and sacking this year than last. Probably at this stage of the competition, the company is downsizing, leaving non performers out of the game.  Who’s next?

2 Responses to “Downsizing!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    The one who is not happy using an old-school dot-matrix printer?

  2. tapijo says:

    All those who are not happy, go away.. hahaha!!!

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