Feeling very tired today!! Don’t know why!! Do not feel like working. So idled my time surfing and replying to mail. Checked the specifications on my.T. Apart from high debit surfing and the VOD, the channels available are not very attractive. Parabole or canal+ are much better for recent films.

The equipment which consists of set top box, a livebox, a wifi-dongle, a remote control, amd a smart card are worth rs 14,200 and are payable only if replaced in case of theft. Domestic internet speed can be up to a maximum of 2Mbps. For a monthly fee of rs 950+vat, international internet speed can reach 256kbps, while the data volume threshold for prioritized quality of service allowed up to 1gb. For an additional  rs 590, debit internet speed is up to 512kbps, while for rs 1990 more, one 1mbps speed can be reached.

There is also an installation fee of rs 2000+vat and is charged once off basis. No recording nor downloading of films is allowed….

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  1. Eddy Young says:

    This is a very interesting package. I am trying to get a relative off Nomad and onto MyT. Nomad has worked well for him, but it is pointless to carry on with one service when a better one is available for a good price.

  2. tapijo says:

    Compared to MT’s adsl, i too find the package quite competitive. However compared with my monthly phone bill, i am somehow reluctant to go for it. I spent three times less :p

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