Nomad experience!!

My cousin subscribed to Nomad this weekend. However he adhered to a 64kbps baud rate, quite slow compared to the speed we have here at office. So we started downloading some files. Guess what after downloading a 23MB file, the modem started to gas off. “Network unavailable!” was the message after some time. I think that the slogan, surfing unlimited is quite flawed… They blocked your connection if you exceed your quota. So we have to resign being online off line for the day… So i joined the handful of Nomad off-goers club after experiencing what they personally had to undergo before going online…

5 Responses to “Nomad experience!!”

  1. Yashvin says:

    welcome to the world of nomad…

    no limit worries 😛

  2. javed says:

    I had a smiliar experience with my cousin subscribing to Nomad.. i think its a good option for school/uni goers who can’t afford to spend the Rs1100 of the ADSL option provided by MT.

    But then if speed is what is required then definitively swtich to MY.T or one of the packages provided by the nation telecom company.

  3. tilai says:

    I have long before said the service provided by Nomad is nowhere near what it should be and that it’s better to revert to MT’s ADSL.

  4. Hey are you joking?!?!?! I do use Nomad(64kbs… yeah I know it’ s quite slow, but for me it is enough!!). Well.. I’ve never had any problems with nomad,.. and what is that stuff about quota?!?!?! I do download more than 300 mb per month people!! Wanna make me believe that ya cousin downloaded a 23 mb file, n “plouff”… connection unavailable?!! Aha.. Aha.. Aha.. Aha…

  5. tapijo says:

    Seems we have a pro-nomad user over here. Perhaps you never have problems with no imit, but we are a couple of users who do encounter problems on the server network. You are pretty lucky man!! What can we say?? Keep it on.. 🙂

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