Ct scan!

Today a colleague of mine had to the admitted to a private clinique because he is suffering from blood clot and had undergo surgery asap. On sunday, he helped to bring down coconuts when one fell on his head. Immediately blood started to ooze out of his nose. He stopped the hemorrage by putting ice on his head. He was then sent to hospital for scan, where nothing was to be seen on the screen. He even went to work on Monday and today because of pain, he went to City CLinic for ct scan where the neurologist and surgeon told him and his wife that he has to undergo surgery today itself. What i think they did not appreciate is the way the surgeon spoke to them. That’s the dark side of Mauritian surgery. Now they are looking for a second advice. If they should undertake surgery it would cost him at least rs 100,000.00

Is the cost justify? I know by experience that fees at City clinic is quite high..But the equipment is high tech, but sometimes one can ask thyself the question, is the cost worth  the specialised equipment??

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  1. Yashvin says:

    first of all, its really sad for ur friend…
    all that just because of a coconut!

    lol rs100,000…
    its really huge and a shame!

    but sometimes the patient’s family wont think twice before accepting to carry out the Scan if they have the means to do it…
    life comes before all.

  2. clive says:

    One more thing! When you get to undergo a major intervention, better have a third party side with you especially when you get questions to ask. If you are alone, you can’t ask relevant questions because you are the patient and are under the shock. If one have the means, i think they will prefer to go abroad for intervention after asking the relevant questions of course.

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