The 20 year old saga of “V” has been rebroadcast on the local channel since sunday last. While we were expecting to see the beginning episode of the epic, the national station broadcast the middle episodes of the series, when the rebels were beginning to gain grounds on the visitors. I was expecting a second season after Elizabeth went with the master of the lizard species, but i guess there was no new season.. I remembered watching the saga when i was still a kid, looking under my bed for any “requin des sables”. I was always shaking when the episode began. It was the good old times when the first science fiction “film” was aired in Mauritius.

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  1. tilai says:

    Hey, that really brings memories back. I would have loved to see it again. But not playing the series from the beginning is not a good thing. The younger ones didn’t see it and can’t easily understand how it all came to, and it’s a good way of refreshing our memories.

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