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Ct scan!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Today a colleague of mine had to the admitted to a private clinique because he is suffering from blood clot and had undergo surgery asap. On sunday, he helped to bring down coconuts when one fell on his head. Immediately blood started to ooze out of his nose. He stopped the hemorrage by putting ice on his head. He was then sent to hospital for scan, where nothing was to be seen on the screen. He even went to work on Monday and today because of pain, he went to City CLinic for ct scan where the neurologist and surgeon told him and his wife that he has to undergo surgery today itself. What i think they did not appreciate is the way the surgeon spoke to them. That’s the dark side of Mauritian surgery. Now they are looking for a second advice. If they should undertake surgery it would cost him at least rs 100,000.00

Is the cost justify? I know by experience that fees at City clinic is quite high..But the equipment is high tech, but sometimes one can ask thyself the question, is the cost worth  the specialised equipment??

Summer crush!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

One more day before October comes to an end. HOw time flies!!! It won’t take much time before the end of year arrives. ONly two months to go, and the cycle repeats itself..  It is now beginning to get hot. It has started to rain since a couple of days but not much. Talking about summer, it will soon be the season for mosquito bites also. Already there is an aggressive campaign being aired setting the scene on spots favourable for mosquito proliferations and the danger behind.

Star Academy!

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

star_academy_6.jpgWatched the Star Academy prime each friday till late in the morning. Think i must pass a resolution to stop watching the show at this time and get to bed early because on Saturday morning, i feel sleepy and damnn my head really aches. I managed to cope with it for say the last 5-6 weeks but now, the drop overflooded the bowl.

They are now 10 candidates competing for the 1 million euro contract with a music edition. As from now, viewers can vote for their favourite candidates to offer them a chance to be among the 8 “best” for a tour concert around france. The candiadate receiving the least number of votes from the public will be eliminated. A panel of professionals will be present as judges next friday , this time to eliminate another candidate.


Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Race for A+ is on. Std VI students are as from today competing for A+ according to Gokhool’s educational reform formula.

Much ado abt nothing!

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Much fuss is about the 1 hour black out which occurred on Sunday morning. The belle Vue Central thermal station rejected the blame CEB is placing on it. A South African expert has been invited for an independent finding on the matter. Much ado about nothing..


Monday, October 23rd, 2006

The 20 year old saga of “V” has been rebroadcast on the local channel since sunday last. While we were expecting to see the beginning episode of the epic, the national station broadcast the middle episodes of the series, when the rebels were beginning to gain grounds on the visitors. I was expecting a second season after Elizabeth went with the master of the lizard species, but i guess there was no new season.. I remembered watching the saga when i was still a kid, looking under my bed for any “requin des sables”. I was always shaking when the episode began. It was the good old times when the first science fiction “film” was aired in Mauritius.

News in brief!

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Saturday was a public holiday! What a relief!! At least weekend off. Tomorrow Tuesday (re holiday!). C’est pas la belle vie sa!!!! Do not know what this week has in reserve for me. Last week was rather hectic for me.. Yesterday morning there was a one hour power cut due to a fault on a high voltage line. The weekend was also the scene of a rare violence in St. Pierre. A 40 year old married man shot himself dead after killing three relatives. The killing was due to a land dispute…

Price rise spiral

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Consumers are facing a shortage of domestic gas actually. Gas service stations are refusing to sell domestic gas because they are claiming that their margin on such items are small. Now i am hearing that the price of gas will reincrease… When?? Don’t know!!! When will the rising spiral cease??? Everything will be on the rise sooner or later. Now gas, soon it will be loaf, electricity, water. The only thing that will not change is salary… Should have sided by Berenger when he claimed salary rise lately..

And the winner is…

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

After a five day competition (subject to debate) in Ebene, the winner of the Nomad challenge unveils himself. Nickname Izzyladoo won a trip to dubai, a laptop, and 10 years subscription to Nomad..The runner up receives well as the other participants receive an ipod and free subscription to Nomad.


Friday, October 13th, 2006

Bus lanes, National Youth Achievement Award, increasing mediatisation of death of youngsters, cold weather, and late night work were among the news i heard and experienced this week. Experts from Singapore were here to propose a solution for decongestioning traffic. Prince Edward was here to reward participants for their involvement in the National Youth Achievement programs; 16 year old college girl found death in Henrietta after a bus stopped and its opened door hit her fatally; finally my boss yelled at me for not being efficient enough. That’s what bosses are supposed to do… Yelling at you when you are working at 200% output. That’s life… sadly!!