On Thursday, I underwent laser treatment for lattice degenerescence on my eyes. It took at most one hour for dilating the eyes and the intervention took 30 mins, it would be earlier should i not fell unconscious. I did not see anything when the doctor shot the laser into the eyes. I saw colored specks of lights and after some time, i was black out. The doctor lied me on the floor and kept shouting at me, to not sleep. When i gained consciousness, he gave me valium and coffee to drink.

I rewent on the “machine” 30 mins later for intervention on the left eye. Fortunately, i did not faint this time, and the disagreeable sensation took place 5 mins later.

There was a lady, who fainted like me. BUt on the second attempt, she refainted.  She lef the room on wheel chairs, and i did not see her again. May be the doctor resheduled an appointment for her. When i asked the doctor why i fainted, he told me that it’s all according to one’s body constitution.

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