Tele realite!

Network plus becomes Nomad and on this event, is organising a 5-day competition styled tele-realite a la mauricienne. 6 candidates knowledgeable of wifi and wireless technology will be recruited and will be competing with each other over a number of challenges. The competition will be retransmitted live over the internet. The six candidates will be confined in a house and their every movement will be known to the world…Recruitment will be take place between the 25 and the 29th September. The competition is scheduled to take place on the 9th october to the 13th and a candidate will be eliminated each day. The winner will be rewarded with a number of free hours with Nomad.

4 Responses to “Tele realite!”

  1. tilai says:

    Nomad? The stupid thing that whose internet connection gets broken every few hours/minutes? The thing that makes downloading files over several 100Kb and msn/yahoo video chat almost impossible? Thanks but no thanks. Just thinking about that makes me want to puke. 🙁 I hope their service has improved, although I am highly dubious.

    Knowledgeable of wifi? Does it mean the contestants need to answer questions / ordeals related to that domain? If so, I don’t think many Mauritians would be interested. Unless there are some hot girls 😉

  2. Clive says:

    Drrinng!! Yeah!! U won… to participate in Nomad contest. Don’t know abt the number of participants. BUt in 2-3 weeks time, will update u on same.

  3. Yashvin says:

    u r wrong here….

    am sure that those candidates dont even know how to create a mail add..well, this one is easy but what if we tell them to use any email add with msn messenger? huh…perhaps they wont know how to do it…
    we will see..for a whole week!

  4. tapijo says:

    Yashvin: By the time i wrote the article, this was what was mentioned in the press. Yeah! They were not looking for “qualified” candidates but rather those who can put ‘Nissa” in front of camera. u must have noticed too the judges are a bunch of “bouffon”. LIke you boldly said, let’s wait and see what the week will be in reserve for them..

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