Food poisoning in a primary school!

Just read from afternoon paper that a group of primary students food poisoned their teacher because the latter was going to report them to their parents. They mixed panadol, ventolin, antibiotics, psychotic drugs, and drugs for laying eggs in the bread and soft drinks of the teacher. The ploy was discovered when one of the students after seeing the teacher stumble, decided to report his friends.

Primary students with ventolin, psychotrics drugs… Where did they get that from? Imagine when they grow older and they dislike someone…

2 Responses to “Food poisoning in a primary school!”

  1. tilai says:

    I guess they found these stuffs lying around in the house. So parents too are to blame. I wished I knew how to be that bad when I was younger. 😀

  2. aadil says:

    Just where is the world going to these days… 🙁

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