Wednesday bazaar!

After a hectic week, i finally end up with finalising my work for the day. This means that i can idly surf and chatting. Isn’t that cool?? On Monday i gave a 10 pages list of discrepant items to my boss to forward to the supplier and I know before he revert back, it could take some time. So this means some time off for me. I would not even move my finger to ask him to chase supplier for clarifications. Unprofessional, you would say? I don’t care…:p

I leave early (as class breaks, of course)  and have some time on my own, watching tv (un dos tres, and star ac) while at the same time cooking.  Summer is inching and we started to get moskitoes, which implies the return of chikungunya psychosis, moskito repellant and moskito net will greatly be in use..

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