Yesterday, for the nth time, we saw the national political propaganda a l’oeuvre. After the journal televiser, the national tv station without any notice, retransmitted the speech of the PM at the United Nations. It was very painful as i was longing to watch serial charmed. I switched to the second channel to see a show on j.a.m (just a minute). I did not understand a thing except that for one minute, you should remain silent.

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  1. Tilai says:

    At least it was not one of the occasions where all the 3 effing tv channels were broadcasting live the PM’s speech. The tv programmes are poor enough without having to be forced to either listen to him (no way! better to read the newspaper where they will criticise his speech), watch cable/satellite channels instead (definitely), or switch off the tv (probably, if no cable/sat).

    Or do like me. TV’s on (I’m on movie channel), watching another movie [as both movies are in Chinese, I am relying on the subtitles] on laptop, chatting with 2-3 people on msn, and reading Liverpool’s net site and some other forum’ threads. Yeah, I ended not understanding anything 😀

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