Degeneresence lattice!

Yesterday, I consulted an opthamologist upon advice from another optha. According to the latter, he noticed that my right retina has diminished in size. So he sent me to another one for confirmation and action. The secong optha said there was nothing wrong with the right retina but there was a problem with the left eye. From what i understood, there was some sort of degeneresence with some parts of the retina , and if not treated with laser, this could blur my vision…

I was struck..I do not know what to say. I don’t have any other known problem with my eye sight  before and now i have this breaking news.. The treatment is not cheap. Rs 5000 at Clinique du nord and if that was to be done, he would schedule it on Thursday next.

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  1. Eddy Young says:


    One cannot really put a price on good health. I wish you luck and hope the treatment is successful.


  2. tapijo says:

    Hi Eddy!

    Thanks for the concern. Sometimes i wonder whether specialists and doctors stick to Hypocrate’s Oath. They simply watch your wallet. There was a colleague of mine who underwent laser treatment seven times for some blocked pores in the eyes (he did not have any problem with his sight though, but nevertheless followed the treatment as a preventive measure). After going under the machine for seven times, he met another specialist who said that he never heard of such kind of problem. My colleague immediately stopped the treatment since. There is another case where the patient underwent surgery for allergy. Opinions said that there is no cure of allergy in a surgery.. Hoax or reality??

    Il faut tout pour faire un monde…

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