Yesterday I managed to grasp a book on Garfield. It wasindex_img.jpg from the senior section of the Municipal library. It’s been quite some time i last borrowed books from the library, may be 8 years. How time flies!!!

As i was saying, i read Garfield. What a relaxing and refreshing moment!! I enjoyed it. The last time i read Garfield when my cousin flied from England and brought with him books of the cat. That was 15 years ago. May be at that period, Garfield was starting to climb in popularity in England. There is something i like abt Garfield, somehow i don’t know what. May be it reflects the mentality and attitude of society in general through the behaviour of a cat. Anyway after reading the book (by the way it’s a comic book), i wanted more, but had to resign, and went to sleep..

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  1. Tilai says:

    Garfield ruz! Haha! I love this chubby fellow. I used to subscribe to the daily comics for a few years and every weekday I would get a new ‘story’ of him. I like how he gets on fine despite being so lazy and laid back. My hero! 😛

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