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Saturday, September 30th, 2006

On Thursday, I underwent laser treatment for lattice degenerescence on my eyes. It took at most one hour for dilating the eyes and the intervention took 30 mins, it would be earlier should i not fell unconscious. I did not see anything when the doctor shot the laser into the eyes. I saw colored specks of lights and after some time, i was black out. The doctor lied me on the floor and kept shouting at me, to not sleep. When i gained consciousness, he gave me valium and coffee to drink.

I rewent on the “machine” 30 mins later for intervention on the left eye. Fortunately, i did not faint this time, and the disagreeable sensation took place 5 mins later.

There was a lady, who fainted like me. BUt on the second attempt, she refainted.  She lef the room on wheel chairs, and i did not see her again. May be the doctor resheduled an appointment for her. When i asked the doctor why i fainted, he told me that it’s all according to one’s body constitution.

Tele realite!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Network plus becomes Nomad and on this event, is organising a 5-day competition styled tele-realite a la mauricienne. 6 candidates knowledgeable of wifi and wireless technology will be recruited and will be competing with each other over a number of challenges. The competition will be retransmitted live over the internet. The six candidates will be confined in a house and their every movement will be known to the world…Recruitment will be take place between the 25 and the 29th September. The competition is scheduled to take place on the 9th october to the 13th and a candidate will be eliminated each day. The winner will be rewarded with a number of free hours with Nomad.


Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Watched sixth seasoned Star Academy for four weeks now. I do not see any change in the french mentality so far regarding skin color. Call me a detractor but a coloured candidate will never win the competition however good he is…

Food poisoning in a primary school!

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Just read from afternoon paper that a group of primary students food poisoned their teacher because the latter was going to report them to their parents. They mixed panadol, ventolin, antibiotics, psychotic drugs, and drugs for laying eggs in the bread and soft drinks of the teacher. The ploy was discovered when one of the students after seeing the teacher stumble, decided to report his friends.

Primary students with ventolin, psychotrics drugs… Where did they get that from? Imagine when they grow older and they dislike someone…

Wednesday bazaar!

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

After a hectic week, i finally end up with finalising my work for the day. This means that i can idly surf and chatting. Isn’t that cool?? On Monday i gave a 10 pages list of discrepant items to my boss to forward to the supplier and I know before he revert back, it could take some time. So this means some time off for me. I would not even move my finger to ask him to chase supplier for clarifications. Unprofessional, you would say? I don’t care…:p

I leave early (as class breaks, of course)  and have some time on my own, watching tv (un dos tres, and star ac) while at the same time cooking.  Summer is inching and we started to get moskitoes, which implies the return of chikungunya psychosis, moskito repellant and moskito net will greatly be in use..

Medical intervention

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

It’s confirmed. Thursday next I will be undergoing a laser intervention on my eyes. The opthamo told me that unless i underwent this preventive treatment, i could suffer from “decollement de la retine”. I heard that this is an ordeal for those who suffer from such handicap. They had to go to Reunion Island and eventually a to and fro trip for wound dressing.

So let’s hope that all go well and i won’t go there again. I have to inform my boss by the end of this week so that he can’t blame me for not informing him. He is so forgetful and always raises dry wounds.


Monday, September 18th, 2006

Yesterday, for the nth time, we saw the national political propaganda a l’oeuvre. After the journal televiser, the national tv station without any notice, retransmitted the speech of the PM at the United Nations. It was very painful as i was longing to watch serial charmed. I switched to the second channel to see a show on j.a.m (just a minute). I did not understand a thing except that for one minute, you should remain silent.

Half dead!

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Am half dead. 20ft container came in on Monday, and worked late since 2 days. I am seeing dark spots, and i do not know whether i can sustain the work pressure of clearing all the parts.

My back, kidney hurt. Once i got home, took shower and supper and off to bed, till morning. There is no noise which can awaken me, perhaps an earthquake on the 7.0 scale…. I do not even know what is happening round me. Got glimpse that it had been 5 years since the 11 Sep bombing, and nine years since princess Diana left. How time flies!!

Degeneresence lattice!

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Yesterday, I consulted an opthamologist upon advice from another optha. According to the latter, he noticed that my right retina has diminished in size. So he sent me to another one for confirmation and action. The secong optha said there was nothing wrong with the right retina but there was a problem with the left eye. From what i understood, there was some sort of degeneresence with some parts of the retina , and if not treated with laser, this could blur my vision…

I was struck..I do not know what to say. I don’t have any other known problem with my eye sight  before and now i have this breaking news.. The treatment is not cheap. Rs 5000 at Clinique du nord and if that was to be done, he would schedule it on Thursday next.


Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Yesterday I managed to grasp a book on Garfield. It wasindex_img.jpg from the senior section of the Municipal library. It’s been quite some time i last borrowed books from the library, may be 8 years. How time flies!!!

As i was saying, i read Garfield. What a relaxing and refreshing moment!! I enjoyed it. The last time i read Garfield when my cousin flied from England and brought with him books of the cat. That was 15 years ago. May be at that period, Garfield was starting to climb in popularity in England. There is something i like abt Garfield, somehow i don’t know what. May be it reflects the mentality and attitude of society in general through the behaviour of a cat. Anyway after reading the book (by the way it’s a comic book), i wanted more, but had to resign, and went to sleep..