Never forget a girl freind’s birthday!

While i was online, a girl friend chatted with me and said that she don’t love me and won’t marry me. Since we joked a lot abt that issue, i responded that she will stay “vieille fille” if she stays alone. Later on, she said that i did not wish her “happy birthday”… Lol, that was the reason she was so fussed abt.

I started to ponder the days guys really forget their girl friends’ birthday and the consequences of such blankness.. That must be freaking!!!

3 Responses to “Never forget a girl freind’s birthday!”

  1. Tilai says:

    Ah! Man, you have no idea how important it is to memorise these dates. Forgetting a girlfriend’s birthday is definitely going to get you into troubles. You also need to memorise many things, like when you started to date or 1st met each other. You get bonus points for these. Especially if after 6mths / a year you go and say, “tonight is (6mth/a year) since we first met/dated/etc” before giving her a rose, a gift or dinner. No need to say forgetting your WIFE’s birthdate is even worse. 😉

  2. Khalil A. says:

    I, too, forgot my girlfriend’s birthday this year. She thought it was an out-of-the-world thing to forget such an important day but then, she got all cool about it after a couple of text messages.

  3. aadil says:

    Men forget and women get frustrated. It’s in the nature of things… 🙂

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