Superman returns!


Yesterday, I watched the avant premiere of Superman returns at Star3. Got the ticket from a cousin who won a concours organised by L’express. The projection took place 30 minutes late. (Nothing suprising as Mtians are never punctual) It’s a culture inherent to us.

Well apart from the lateness, we were offered free pop corns and soft drinks and some opening words. The film lasted 2 1/2 hours. So… well, the special effects are cool. As to whether i liked the film, i must say that i watched it just like an entertainment movie. Guess that with all the comic movies being produced, just kodaa fed up a little bit. But overall, worth a little time going to cinema to entertain oneself.

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  1. Tilai says:

    Superman returns sux! At least that’s all the reviews I got. Some special effects, but not enough material in the movie to save it from being boring.

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