Went to wedding on Saturday. Were three in all to meet there. Was first to reach there, and waited for the colleagues for 20 minutes. It was chilling, and i only wore a long sleeved shirt on a pair of jeans. After they arrived, we went inside, to see safran over. We greeted the groom and then went to dinner. A torrential rain greeted our dinner and some guests were wet.

We were not satisfied with the sept “carrie” as most of them were partially cooked. Even the ti puti was not cooked. So with stomach half empty, we went home. I calmed my gastric juice with some cakes i baked two days earlier and decided on the following day to cook either farata or ti puri. There was a problem. MOst of my endeavour to cook farata was plain. The farata was either not cooked or too white. So i decided to ask how to cook ti puri.

On Monday i was told how to prepare it. I was surprised to see that preparation is the same as for farata except that tipuri is to be cooked in oil.  Hopefully it will taste like tipuri and nothing else.

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