March 23rd, 2020

It’s official! As at 23rd March 2020, our little country has reported 28 cases of the disease, amongst 2 were dead. The representative of the health department appealed to Mauritians to be responsible. He drew a rather pessimistic forecast-an exponential increase of the number of infections, and eventually deaths in the next 5 days if we continue to behave irresponsibly. Despite the decree of confinement since Friday 20th March, the inhabitants are still not wary of the seriousness of the matter. Some diehards still continue to gather in crowd, do not listen to authorities.

In the face of these circumstances, our PM has no other choices than to decree a sanitary curfew applicable as from today 23rd March 20hrs till 02 April 2020. Citizens will be fined in case they are caught in places other than their home, pharmacies or supermarkets. In one hour time, the decree will be official. First time in 40 years witnessing and experiencing a curfew nation wide.

Let’s hope that every thing will turn out fine and as a nation hope to win this war.

Greetings 2017!

January 2nd, 2017



Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2016


Portlwi by light (02-04 dec 2016)

December 18th, 2016



Le dauguet nature trail

December 13th, 2016

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February 8th, 2016


Long time no see no hear! *Cough!

Well i take this opportunity to wish all my friends a happy chinese new year of the fire  monkey and best wishes for the year to come!

On another note, there is a special bulletin issued as from 1230 pm whereby dodoland and Rodrigues will be hit by heavy rains and strong winds. The warning will hold till tomorrow 1700 hrs. There will be no school tomorrow, apart for the university of Mauritius where it will be business as usual.


Summer blues!

March 11th, 2014

Howdy, dear readers.

Been slack these months, years. So hopefully, this article will be one of many and not the only this year. **Cough**

We are already in full summer and probably most of us are complaining about the heat and humidity in our daily life, be it at work or at home. If you have air conditioning or dehumidifier at work you won’t feel the discomfort at least not in the coziness of your office. When you are out, be it at lunch or after work, you will probably feel the discomfort. At home too, opening all windows and doors will do no good unless there is a breeze which will cool you down. Forget about electric fans which lately have been the buzz of the town. They bring more hotness than coolness in your sleeping room. And your mattress is like a hot furnace only waiting to fry you when you lie on it. So no surprise when you can not sleep for 2-3 continuous days and when the strain takes toll on you and you have no choice but to collapse on the furnace and wake up with a big head ache and sweat all over.

It is good to sleep around 4-5 am when finally it cools down, but only 2 hours before it’s time to wake up and get ready to work. So sometimes you have to bear with it and if you are lucky when your boss is not around or you are the boss yourself, have a nap at work :p At your own risks and perils of course!!!

If I  wake up too early and can not sleep back (sommeil casser),  i would dress up and go jogging up the mountain. It feels good to feel the before dawn breeze on your face. However it is still pitch dark and sometimes you will see shadows or feel like someone is following you. **Hair stands on end ** And tell to myself what are you doing here?? To reassure myself, i will sing something hopefully ghosts will not wake up and shut me down. Once i did just that and someone was climbing down the mountain and just look in my direction.  Alas for me, he could not catch my face otherwise i would inevitably be the star of Mauritius got talent LOL! So after 45 minutes or so,  i finally reach the top and could catch a glimpse of the rays lazily piercing through the grey clouds.  Having engulfed my lungs with all the possible fresh air, i finally made my way down to my sauna home, eagerly waiting for the sun to set down thus bringing cool breeze.

So what do you do when you wake up too early (sommeil casser)?

Passport blues!

April 26th, 2013

Howdy, dear friends,

Apologise for not being too active in the blog sphere. Hope all of you are fine .

I recently went to the passport and immigration office( Sterling house, Port Louis) to renew my passport. I reached there at 10.15 am and there were some people waiting while an officer was attending to a guest at the enquiry desk.  I went to the officer and he tended to my query by giving me a ticket. Beforehand he asked whether i had already filled in the form.

Thereafter i joined the exciting world of queuing. I originally thought it would be a piece of cake and it would take seconds before i left this place. I  could not imagine the adventure awaiting me.

There was an electronic billboard in front and i was hoping it would be blinking to call one’s turn. Nothing!!  Then i heard the enquiry officer (the one who gave me the ticket) calling a number. Each visitor in turn would have his docs checked by this officer. I am dazzled!!! Ten  years back, i could remember that the electronic billboard would call the number and in turn each would go inside.  There would be  5-6 officers tending to the applicants.  Now it was only one. I further noticed that the officer would remove garlic with each applicant. Not out of mischievousness, maybe some docs were genuinely missing.  Each of them would retire to return with the correct set of documents. 45 minutes later, my turn came. I was secretly hoping that everything would be ok.  Alas!  The officer said my photo was not good. Why? Too much flash he said.  He even advised me to go to a place which according to him takes good photos.

So i armed myself with much courage and went to search for the ” famous” place under the scorching Port Louis eleven thirty sun. Did not find it. So i went back  to the studio which took  the initial photos and explained to them my problem. They proposed to take a digital photo.  In this way, they could amend it. 10 minutes later i re went to the passport and immigration office with my stomach craving for food.  My legs,  too,  were aching from walking fast as it was nearly lunch time and feared the officer would have left. When i reached there, I  went directly to the officer. He was busy with a visitor and I interrupted him by asking if the new photos were ok, to which he replied positively. I then went inside with my set of docs  and another officer rechecked them. The supervisor remarked my signature should be felt signed. So i used their famous felt pen and signed on a piece of paper affixed on the original signature. Along  with a request to pay form, i went out to the cashier office to pay the passport fee. With the receipts, i returned inside to give the officer the yellow  receipt to which he annexed to my file.

While I was busy thanking the officer,  I overheard a lady officer saying to an applicant that his photos were not good. The lady was informing him that there was a shadow in the photo and that it would not be good on the passport. The man was trying to say that it was himself in the photo and there was no one else.  Lost case! The poor chap had to redo the photo.

4 days later i returned to collect the new passport. Fortunately this time, it was quicker.

So did your passport renewal go on smoothly? Please share your experiences.


December 31st, 2012

Wish you all a happy new year 2013! All the best and good health! Hope 2013 brings rain to fill up our reservoirs.


Merry xmas!

December 24th, 2012

“Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

zhu ni xinnian kuaile

Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

Women zhu ni shengdan kuaile

zhu ni xinnian kuaile

Ba xixun daidao mei yi ge jiaoluo

Ba xinnian de xixun daigei nimen he wo”

Zhu ni men shengdan kuaile. Xiwang shengdan laoren dai lai hen duo liwu.